• Musculoskeletal Model of a Chicken Pelvic Limb in OpenSim (WIP)
  • Force Transducer-Toe Tip Interface Mount for Chicken Pelvic Limb (2018)
  • Intertarsal Joint Mount for Chicken Pelvic Limb (2018)
  • Portable Motion Capture Environment for Operation Room/Surgical Table (2018)
  • Electrode Winding Machine for Stimulating Electrode Designing (2017)
  • Animal Cadaver Testbed for Tendon Actuation (2017)


  • Implementation and Examination of a Mathematical Model that Predicts Muscle Force and Fatigue – BIOE 599: Physiology for Engineers (Winter 2018)
  • Implementation of Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) for Iceberg Classification in Satellite Radar Data ( – CS 534: Machine Learning (Fall 2017)
  • Semi-Autonomous Mobile Robot for Jenga Gameplay ( – ROB 521: Applied Robotics (Spring 2017)
  • Trajectory Optimization of Human Arm Reaching Model in OpenSim – ROB 562: Human Control Systems (Spring 2017)
  • Safe Feedback Motion Planning with Unknown Dynamics for Car Model in MATLAB – ROB 534: Sequential Decision making in Robotics (Winter 2017)
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