Peer-Reviewed Publications

Pub 11

Passive Ankle and Hindfoot Joint Kinematics Within a Robot-Driven Tibial Movement Envelope

AH Le, AC Peterson, JA Larrea Rodriguez, T Miyamoto, F Nickisch, AL Lenz
Journal of Orthopaedic Research, In Preparation

Pub 10

Biomechanical Comparison of Anterior Cervical Plate Fixation Versus Integrated Fixation Cage for Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion

TP Murphy, JD Tran, DF Colantonio, AH Le, DR Fredericks, WB Roach, J Chung, AJ Pisano, SC Wagner, MD Helgeson
Clinical Spine Surgery, April 2024

Pub 9

Biomechanical Analysis of Multilevel Posterior Cervical Spinal Fusion Constructs

TP Murphy, DF Colantonio, AH Le, DR Fredericks, CD Schlaff, E Holm, AS Sebastian, AJ Pisano, MD Helgeson, SC Wagner
Clinical Spine Surgery, June 2023

Pub 8

Analysis of Multilevel Posterior Cervical Spinal Fusion Constructs

DF Colantonio, AH Le, AJ Pisano, JM Chung, SC Wagner, DR Fredericks, WB Roach, CD Schlaff, A Dill, MD Helgeson
Spine, April 2023

Pub 7

Subcortical Backup Tibial Fixation in Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction has Similar Maximal Strength to Current Techniques

DF Colantonio, RK Kicklighter, AH Le, MA Nowicki, MA Posner, LF Zhou, SM Gee
Arthroscopy, Sports Medicine, and Rehabilitation, February 2023

Pub 6

All-Suture Suspensory Button Has Similar Biomechanical Performance to Metal Suspensory Button for Onlay Subpectoral Biceps Tenodesis

DF Colantonio, CJ Tucker, TP Murphy, PK Mescher, AH Le, RM Putko, ER Holm, R Weishar, TK Vippa, TN Rubic, ES Chang
Arthroscopy, Sports Medicine, and Rehabilitation, December 2022

Pub 5

Changes in the Ankle Joint after Syndesmosis and Deltoid Injury and Subsequent Repair in a Cadaveric Model

Lundy, DF Colantonio, AH Le, RC Lee, AS Piscoya, E Holm, TT Eckel
Foot & Ankle Orthopaedics, November 2022

Pub 4

Biomechanical Comparison of Anatomic Restoration of the Ulnar Footprint vs Traditional Ulnar Tunnels in Ulnar Collateral Ligament Reconstruction

ES Chang, AH Le, AM Looney, DF Colantonio, WB Roach, MD Helgeson, DM Clark, DR Fredericks, S Nagda
American Journal of Sports Medicine, April 2022

Pub 3

Intramedullary Unicortical Button and All-Suture Anchors Provide Similar Maximum Strength for Onlay Distal Biceps Tendon Repair

DF Colantonio, AH Le, LE Keeling, SE Slaven, T Vippa, MD Helgeson, ES Chang
Arthroscopy, February 2022

Pub 2

Biomechanical Comparison of High-Tensile Strength Tape Versus High-Tensile Strength Suture for Tendon Fixation Under Cyclic Loading

AH Le, WB Roach, TC Mauntel, BD Hendershot, MD Helgeson, DF Colantonio, DR Fredericks, SE Slaven, AJ Pisano, LE LeClere
Arthroscopy, September 2021

Pub 1

Investigation of a Novel Tendon Transfer Surgery for High Median-Ulnar Nerve Palsy in a Chicken Model

GR Browning, AH Le, JJ Warnock, R Balasubramanian
Journal of Investigative Surgery, October 2017